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Watch hollywood movie Zand on Youtube. They will get themselves a vehicle and head for Kolkata and try to sell it to the local mafia. The rest of the movie is a flashback. By using the Youtube video player you accept the YouTube privacy policy. The film was a remake of Bulbul Gupta's 1986 hit film Sanju. It was produced by Kalpathi Manohar under the banner of Panchsheel Productions. The movie is based on the real life story of Manoj Kumar (Chiranjeevi's brother) and his two sons Ram Kumar and Puneet Kumar, who embarked on a career of crime. Their father had been murdered before the movie, so it served as their motivation to lead a straight life. Sunder's dream was to produce the movie, and he convinced the family to get involved. The three brothers worked on the script and production, and Manoj agreed to star in the film. Principal photography began on 8 August, and was completed in a period of six months. It was released on 7 December at Nandanam, Hyderabad. The film was released with a huge hype as all the three actors, Saikumar, Babu Mohan and Krishna, were never seen together in a single movie together. It was also the last film to have an audio launch at the Nandanam theatre. Vidya Balan turned down the offer to star in the film as she felt that the character was too dark for her. Despite this, the film was made without her. Krishna's character was initially intended to be a village girl and the actor was assigned to play the role. But the director felt that the character did not fit into the film and ordered the make-up crew to change his appearance. Krishna was later offered the lead role after the producers felt that the character worked well in the film. This story and the film were inspired by a story that occurred in the life of Manoj Kumar. In, Saikumar quit the film industry and returned to his home state, and Krishna left the film industry to pursue education. Nevertheless, the film released with a positive response and was dubbed into Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. The Tamil dubbed version was called Enna Nanthoni Ketta Kural. The Telugu dubbed version was called Aalayam. It has earned 6Nayutaar Awards since its release and dubbed versions.




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